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Composite Type IV pressure vessels for hydrogen

What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is an invisible, odorless, non-toxic gas and 14 times lighter than air. Furthermore, hydrogen is clean, safe and almost unlimited available. It is the most common chemical element in the universe. Hydrogen does not exist in nature but can be produced by various methods.


A big advantage of hydrogen compared to other fuels is that it has the highest combustion energy per kilogram, which means that it is more efficient than currently used fuels.


Regarding the field of drive engineering of the future, hydrogen can be used as fuel for generating electricity in a fuel cell. In addition, hydrogen can be stored and transported comparatively easily. For that reason hydrogen is one of the most important energy sources of the future.


Storage of hydrogen:

Hydrogen is not an energy source, but an energy carrier and you can use it to store and transport energy.


The storage of hydrogen as fuel for motor vehicles places special demands on the design of hydrogen tanks. On the one hand regard to safety aspects for example in accident situations and on the other hand from an economic aspect (dimensions, pressure, manufacturing process, material, etc.).


A good product that takes customer wishes and requirements already in the planning phase will be successfully accepted by the market. To produce a successful product for the market you should consider following point already during the planning / development phase.

  • Field of application (car, truck, …)
  • Dimensions and contour of the tank
  • Material (liner, carbon fiber, boss part, valve)
  • Process of manufacture
  • Concept for sealing (liner - boss part - valve)
  • Patents
  • Pressure (operating pressure, test pressure)
  • Calculation of the hydrogen tank under consideration of test pressure and filling volume
  • Certification and acceptance of the hydrogen tank
  • production-oriented design

Scope of supply and services:

We have specialized in the development and design of composite pressure vessels.From the first idea until start of production we offer you professional support.

We are also happy to support you with planning the procurement of production facilities and the selection of suppliers and raw materials.


We offer:

  • Design of hydrogen tanks
  • Calculation of costs for production
  • Development of hydrogen tanks
  • Support with selection of suitable suppliers for the production of the tanks
  • Production of prototypes (first samples)
  • Test and certification of the tanks
  • Support with building up of a production line for the production of the tanks
  • Optimization of existing tanks
  • Transport solution for hydrogen (Container...)
  • More services possible on request


Throughout the product development is a close communication with our customers for us very important. Our aim is always to generate an optimum solution and a very good product for the customer. We are always willing to go new ways for a good solution, and we like to develop ourselves.

ECS - Hydrogen Storage System​

PDF download: General flow chart for a hydrogen pressure vessel development project

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